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Jun 25, 2011 7:00am PDT
attention. to find out more about this topic and how you can help, logon to and click on the "how to help" tab. the conversation on facebook and twitter and our show page is at please join us, find us, leave us any kind of comment you want on the topics of these show. weigh in, we read every single one. i'll see you monday morning for "american morning." >>> back now to cnn saturday morning for other stories making news now. >>> just into us, here on this cnn saturday morning, a shocker in the casey anthony murder trial. testimony was set to resume about an hour ago, but the judge walked in just a short time ago, moments ago, and made the announcement that they are in recess for the day. take a listen to the judge. >> as both sides concur that a legal issue has arisen unrelated to the issue that we talked about first thing this morning dealing with dr. ferden that would necessitate recessing for today. >> now, this was a quick end to what was expected to be a full day of testimony. the past two days we have seen some of the most dr
Jun 18, 2011 3:00pm PDT
hopefuls blast off. right here on cnn. >>> the president tries to counter the gop attacks fighting hard in the one area where he may be most vulnerable. cnn's harwood damon goes where few western journalists are allowed, inside syria. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you are in "the situation room." >>> the gop race to the white house plowing full speed ahead. seven candidates taking the stage this week for the first time together to square off on the issues only here on cnn here is our national political correspondent, jessica yellin. >> reporter: at the first major debate of the primary season. >> say hello to your seven candidates. >> reporter: there were seven different voices but one common message. >> this president has failed. he has failed at a time when the american people counted on him to create jobs and get the economy going. this president is a declineist. he views american as one of equals around the world. >> reporter: no surprise shall the candidates drew a bull's eye on the president's economic stewardship. >> h
Jun 10, 2011 2:00am PDT
. also ahead, is nato trying to kill moammar gadhafi? after one senior source tells cnn it could legally go for him, the official line remains we don't target individuals. >>> and anger in pakistan as video emerges of a u.n. -- of an unarmed man being shot by paramilitary troops. >>> but first they fled because they saw a government crackdown coming. thousands of syrians have poured across the border into turkey and now, it seems, their fears are being confirmed. syrian state tv reported just a few hours ago a military operation to, as they describe it, restore security to the town of jisr al shugur has begun. the government said armed groups killed 120 of its officers there. an exodus took place as military units advanced towards the town. at least 2,500 refugees have crossed the border into turkey so far. syria's tight media laws prevent foreign journalists from reporting in the country. cnn's ivan watson is just across the border in turkey. he joins us now on the phone. what are you seeing. >> reporter: this say military offensive that has frightened so many civilians and sent them fl
Jun 11, 2011 4:00pm PDT
:00 tm eastern, every saturday at 6:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn, and at this time, every weekend on cnn international. weekend on cnn international. the news continues next on cnn. -- captions by vitac -- >>> i've made some mistakes, i've acknowledged it, i'm trying to make it up to my wife and my family, but i also have to make it clear to my constituents i want to get back to work for them, and it's not easy to do in this environment but i'm doing the best i can. >> that was anthony weiner just this morning. but just this afternoon, a change in plans. the disgraced congressman taking a leave of absence from his job so he can go get treatment. that's just one of the big developments in the story today. the best political team on television is here to break it all down. >>> comedian tracy morgan's rants against homosexuals even saying he would kill his own son if he were gay. tonight, reaction from his comments pouring in, including the thoughts of his "30 rock" co-star tina fey. >>> a college athlete on the verge of a career in baseball now paralyzed after a horrible on-f
Jun 12, 2011 11:00am PDT
of my program this week. i will see you next week. stay tuned for reliable sources. >>> here in the cnn newsroom on this sunday, june 12, i'm debra feyerick in for fredricka whitfield. a web site says that weiner took partially nude photos of himself in the house of representatives gymnasium and sent them to at least one woman. the photo shows a man who appears to be weiner taking pictures of himself in the mirror. he verified that the photos were taken in the white house gym. >>> there was one small piece of good news for anthony weiner today. they closed his investigation into his twitter communications with a 17-year-old girl because they found no evidence of illegal activity. weiner's admitting that he sent texts and nude pictures to adult women. we join that force today. >> it's my understanding that mr. weiner has indicated he wants to take a leave. i would hope he does so. i hope he reflects upon whether or not he can proceed. it seems to me extraordinarily difficult that he can proceed to represent his constituents in an effective way given the circumstances this bizarre behavio
Jun 23, 2011 1:00am PDT
like permanently. >> you know how i feel about cnn. >> that's all for us tonight. >>> i'm zain vergee at cnn in london. here are the headlines this hour. u.s. president barack obama says america's military goals in afghanistan have been met and that it's time to focus on problems at home. he's given a speech outlining a plan to begin sending u.s. troops home, all 33,000 surge troops will leave by september 2012. >>> in a televised address, moammar gadhafi called nato attacks on his country barbaric and urged the u.n. security council to investigate an air strike that reportedly killed 15 people, including civilians. nato says the target of that attack was a military command and control center. >>> an outspoken artist jailed for tax evasion in china is out of prison. way -- ai weiwei was released. >>> a dutch lawmaker has been acquitted of hate speech verdict. he was on trial for inciting racial hatred against muslims. >>> those are the headlines. "world business today" starts now. >>> good morning, from cnn london and welcome to the show, i'm nina dos santos. >> and a very good aftern
Jun 25, 2011 2:00pm PDT
haven't done this before? umm. . . i did 8th grade telecommunications class. >>> right now on cnn, imagine hearing this, i now pronounce you husband and husband, or wife and wife? just the possibility of those ones, cheers from some, jeers from others. will the gay marriage law stick this time in the most populous state? >>> a woman single handedly takes down some shoplifting crooks, what was she thinking? she's live here. plus another brush with the law from another woman. >> i was observing what they were doing and they're arresting me? i don't understand. i did nothing. >> but the cops aren't on her side, do they arrest her for recording them on her own front yard or was she intruding on police business. i'm don lemon, live at the news headquarters in atlanta. right now a big chunk of an american city is being wiped out. record flooding is sweeping through minot, north dakota. it's not steeping either. the muddy water will get deeper and deeper through the afternoon hours and won't crest until sometime tomorrow. jim, this is incredible, how much worse can it get? >> reporter: y
Jun 12, 2011 2:00pm PDT
. >> protesters held a demonstration outside weiner's district office in queens, new york, today. cnn's jason carroll was there. jason, weiner has already announced he's going to take a short leave of absence. is that good enough? >> reporter: well, i think for some of his constituents out here in queens, it is simply not good enough. evidence of that was at a protest, very small protest, we saw out here just a little earlier. just a small group of people came out to say it was time for the congressman to step down. and also a small fwrup of supporters also showed up. i want you to hear from both sides first. i want you to listen to what his supporters have to say today. >> what he did was disgusting, but i think he's done an excellent job. i support him. i would vote for him again. i think we need more people in the congress of the united states who will speak out for their constituents. >> he needs help. he's going for help now. when he comes back from help, he should be a full-fledged congressman back helping us. >> reporter: clearly not everyone feels that way, deb. i know you mentioned s
Jun 12, 2011 4:00pm PDT
, his own party. let's bring in cnn's jays jai s jason carol. jason, this is not good. >> it isn't. out here, don, there was a protest out here a little earlier. copies of those pictures and you know, i've seen them all. copies of those very explicit pictures were reproduced and handed out on the street during protest. some of the congressman's detractors who say it is time for him to step down are usinges this pictures as more ammunition, basically saying that even though some of people who supported him in the past are saying there is no way he can be an effective leader given all of these photos that just seem to keep coming out day after day after day. don? >> we talked about this one, and this one could have been incredibly harmful, and criminal if it was true. there is good news for him. tell us about the contact with a teenage girl in delaware, jason? >> right. if you will remember this was the teenage girl that was tweeting back and forth with a congressman. congressman weiner came out to her high school, spoke at her school. she admired him. she began following him on twitter.
Jun 11, 2011 2:00pm PDT
cnn is getting ready to host a presidential debate. much more right here this hour. >>> we're going to start with breaking news. several breaking e-mails on the gri congressman anthony weiner scandal. he's seeking treatment all because of the graphic online consaighs with women. nancy pelosi as well as three top democrats, members of his own party who now want him gone. got the best team in television covering all of this. they join me here, some of them in manchester. candy crowley and mark preston is our senior political editor. and jason carroll spoke with weiner today, and we have dana bash on the phone. i want to start with her. first, i want to read nancy pelosi's statement to you before you weigh in. it says congressman weiner has the love of his family, the confident of his constituents and the recognition he needs help. i urge congressman weiner to seek that help without the pressures of being a member of congress. it's a very carefully worded statement from pelosi there. this scandal has been out there for weeks. what is the importance of these leaders asking him to step d
Jun 13, 2011 2:00pm PDT
to wolf blitzer live in new hampshire. take it away. >>> just three hours from now, cnn's first republican presidential debate. should anthony weiner be forced to resign? and billions and billions of dollars air lifted by u.s. officials to iraq go missing. just ahead -- the disturbing details of what authorities now believe happened to all that money. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we're live here in manchester, new hampshire where last-minute preparations are now under way for cnn's first republican presidential debate. less than three hours from now, six run candidates and one potential white house hopeful will formally square off. here are the contenders, the former massachusetts governor mitt romney. he's considered the early front runner this race. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty who's expected to hit romney hard on his controversial health care plan. newt gingri newt gingrich whose stunning campaign implosion threw his entire candidacy into question. ron paul, making his third presidentialed by. minnesota congressman michelle bachmann makes her debut tonight
Jun 11, 2011 7:00am PDT
fighting to get inside the courtroom. court is in session, yes o this saturday morning. from the cnn center this, is your "cnn saturday morning." i'm t.j. holmes. thank you for spending part of your day with us. it was the next revelation. the next twist in the anthony weiner scandal. a teenage girl has received messages from the congressman. multiple reports say this girl is 17 years old. as you know, representative weiner has admitted sending lewd photos to women he met online, but his representative saying that the girl in particular, now this teenager did not get any of those kinds of messages. this is a statement that was released from a spokesperson from congressman weiner and says, and i quote according to congressman weiner his communications with this person were neither explicit nor indecent. we actually just heard that as well from congressman anthony weiner who again is in new york and stepped out to the street and looked like he was running errands and he was followed by reporters and was again, to answer a question from our jason carroll, and said no, nothing was indecent that
Jun 29, 2011 1:00am PDT
's not the worst worst day of your life. >>> i'm zain verjee at cnn in london. the main story this hour. terrified hotel guests jumped from windows. one even wrote his will. the luxury continue anyone tall hotel is still smoking after a taliban terrorist attack overnight. one man who hid in his room said the assault lasted for hours. a reporter is there with the latest. >> reporter: this morning as the sun rose over kabul, the building still smoking, we understand a fire was ignited when the building was attacked. the police very cautiously still searching through the building looking for more victims and indeed survivors but also very wary in the chaos, there may still be taliban insurgents hiding in the buildinging. in the previous attack in 2008 the attackers described themselves as policemen and when the police eventually made it into the building, it was only by chance that they spotted one of the attackers in his uniform as he tried to flee. there's no suggestion that last night's attack that the insurgents used police disguises. eyewitnesss said they saw these men laden with explosives. one
Jun 20, 2011 4:00am EDT
now. >>> good afternoon from cnn hong kong, i'm andrew stevens. >> and good morning from cnn london, i'm charles hodson. this is "world business today," and these are our top stories -- euro zone ministers tell greece to put its house in order before they write another multibillion dollar bailout check. >>> sega becomes the latest victim of a hack attack. more than a million of its customers are compromised. >>> and human and economic costs climb as flooding devastates thousands of acres of chinese farmland. >>> markets in asia were up in early trading on optimism that greece can't avoid defaulting on its debt. they've since fallen back. here in europe, we've all had a downward start to the day for the same reason. let's have a look at the numbers. we've got technical difficulty with our numbers from paris. so we've had to leave them out. the picture is pretty clear as far as the other three main indices are concerned. off by 1%, and in the case of the xetra dax off by 1.25%. it is the banks being hit the hardest. certainly in terms of the overall banking indices, off 1% last time i lo
Jun 12, 2011 7:00pm PDT
, and the stage now set for monday night's gop presidential debate that you'll only see right here on cnn. we're live on the campus of st. anselm college in manchester, new hampshire, counting down to the gop presidential debate right here on cnn. hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. you're in the cnn newsroom. it has been one of the worst weekends of congressman anthony weiner's life as his political career appears to be hang by a thread and the embarrassing pictures keep cropping up. tmz published these latest ones while weiner is off seeking professional help. the website says these pictures were taken in the house member's gym and sent to at least one woman. these aren't even the most graphic ones in the bunch this. comes a day after the democratic leadership called on weiner to resign. here's a statement from house minority leader nancy pelosi. congressman weiner has the lover of his family, the confidence of his constituents and the recognition that he needs help. i urge congressman weiner to seek that help without the pressures of being a member of congress. the head of the democratic natio
Jun 11, 2011 3:00pm PDT
only here on cnn. just two days before our first republican debate, we're taking a closer look at the white house contenders. who's in and who could be out? plus internet hackers break into a banking giant. and access a treasure trove of customer information. we're investigating is the rash of cybercrime and how companies can do more to protect all of us online. also, tough new international calls are for action in the wake of escalating blood shed and allegations of human rights abuses in syria. we want to welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> there's some unsuspected is suspense as republican hopefuls get ready for the cnn presidential debate. you'll see them monday night when they gather to size one another up and hash out the issues. in a stunning twist, newt gingrich is scrambling to rebuild his campaign staff after his top adviser suddenly quit and his campaign co-chairman defects to the pawlenty campaign. .gingrich says still intends to attend the debate. you can't tell the players without a score
Jun 12, 2011 5:00am PDT
back inside the "cnn newsroom" for a check your top stories making news right now. >>> hello there, everybody. from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia, this is your cnn sunday morning for this uni12th. i'm t.j. holmes, thank you for being here. >>> just in this morning -- what a sight to see -- the first photo of congresswoman gabrielle giffords' face since she was shot by a gunman at the beginning of this year. we will share this photo and the details, again, photos just coming out this morning and we'll be sharing them with you. >>> also, we have really stirred the pot on this one, folks. a lot of you all chiming in on facebook and twitter about stories in the bible, things you think are in there, but actually are not. jonah actually wasn't swallowed by the whale. and baby jesus wasn't actually visited by three wise men. this is not coming from me, folks. we've got a biblical scholar in to go through some of the things you think are in the bible but are not really there. that's in our "faces of faith" this morning. >>> let's get right to the new pictures of arizona congresswoman
Jun 27, 2011 1:00am PDT
you. >>> hi, i'm zain verjee at cnn in london. here are our top stories this hour. cambodia is reliving a national nightmare as four former khmer rouge leaders begin a war crimes trial, charged with genocide and crimes against humanity in the deaths of almost two million cambodians in the '70s. the defendants say they are innocent. the trial is expected to go on for several years. >>> as the crackdown in syria continues, dissidents and intellectual are to attend a government-sponsored conference today. president assad says it's a step toward national drag about reform, but -- dialogue about reform, but the opposition voiced concerns that the conference is just for show. >>> employment will speak with with republican and -- president obama will speak with republican and democrat later to start negotiations to get the debt celling back on track. the government will start defaulting on loans in august. >>> greece's parliament is set to vote on a new set of austerity measures this week. passing them means that greece is going to get another $40 billion of bailout funds. the meas
Jun 6, 2011 2:00am PDT
as in parliament, is set to become the next prime minister. we want to go to cnn's nina desantos who joins us from the portuguese capital. just before the elections happened, mr. quella had criticized practices, i guess what he called the plan that he had, his austerity plan and said that the government did not do enough for the country's economy. what does he plan to do? >> that's right, manita, let's remind our viewers how we got to this. these snap elections that the portuguese were voting on yesterday were actually triggered by the incumbent's inability to pass through the austerity measures through the 230-seat parliament in lisbon in april and march. and that's one of the reasons why he had to resign and that triggered the elections. and now jose is no longer going to be in power. the businessman is going to be tough in terms of implementing the austerity measures. let's talk about one of the things he said yesterday. he did remind portuguese not to shirk their responsibilities, that they had received money from our countries it was their obligation to pay down their debts. take a listen, ma
Jun 16, 2011 1:00am PDT
this with >>> this is cnn breaking news. >>> i'm zain vergee at cnn in london. an indonesian court delivered a guilty verdict in the bashir case. the radical cleric had been convicted of several terrorism charges. kathy kianna was in the courtroom. tell us about the case and what happened. >>> i said jakarta district court found him guilty of terrorism charges and he was sentenced to 15 years in jail. the specific charge is planning and influencing others to provide money for what would be used for terrorism acts. and the charges were actually part of several others that were first put forward in its case when it started three months ago. ba'asyir was first arrested for a training camp in early 201. police say he and his organization was involved in setting up the camp and police claim that the militants were preparing to launch attacks similar to the one in mumbai in 2008. now, in the past, authorities tried but failed to directly link him to the major terror attacks in indonesia. this was his third trial in a decade. in the first two trials, the officials tried to link the elder to attacks in bali
Jun 23, 2011 2:00am PDT
about this? cnn's nick patton walsh has been speaking to u.s. troops at the bagram air base in kabul. he joins us now. nick, what have they been telling you? >> reporter: interesting enough, zain, we didn't have huge numbers of people gathered around tv screens to watch the speech. people here know what really was coming roughly. they didn't know the exact numbers but they did know to expect some kind of drawdown. one soldier, just to give you a snapshot, it's their own personal opinions, one soldier privately saying we have to stay here, we have to finish the job. the cost to america was paid in 9/11. the cost in the budget now is not the point. we can't afford to leave. another one earlier saying, look, we got bin laden, that's the job done. it's time to reduce our numbers here significantly. it's fatigue, i think it's fair to say, in a majority of soldiers we've heard here. obama has sounded fairly anti-military, tough demand in the troops. let's look at the numbers really. we're talking about 10,000 here. that's a fraction of the 100,000 strong force here. two-thirds of that force is
Jun 7, 2011 5:00am EDT
. the violence erupted monday night. cnn's mohammed jam june joins us from cnn abu dhabi. mohammed? >> these latest reports on the health of president allay abdullah saleh not engendering confidence in the government. one of the problems is that the yemeni government is continuing to maintain that president saleh is okay and will be back soon. we heard from the opposition there yesterday. they said they'll do all they can to stop that from hepg. that was before the latest reports from western officials and diplomats saying that president saleh had suffered much more extensive wounds than originally believed or that's what they were hearing. there's this real discrepancy between what all these other people are saying and what the yemen knees are saying there was a lot of question as to how much power the vice president would have, if he would be setting up a transitional government, how effective his leadership would be. everybody was saying the youth revolutionary movement, they were willing to give him a chance. but they wanted him to deliver on reforms they've been demanding the
Jun 18, 2011 7:00am PDT
stories of the day and cnn saturday. >>> from cnn's world headquarters, bringing you news and analysis from across the nation and around the globe, live from studio 7, this is cnn saturday morning with t.j. holmes. >>> and good morning to you all. the casey anthony murder trial is under way, as we speak. you are seeing a live picture inside the courtroom, but we're going to find out what's happening inside, but also, a lot that's been happening outside. >>> also, a lot of long lines and a lot of stranded passengers. united airlines saying it was a computer glitch. they say it's fixed now, but the pain may not be over for all of those passengers. from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia, this is your "cnn saturday morning." i'm t.j. holmes. thanks for spending part of your weekend with us. my buddy reynolds wolf will be along in just a moment. but first, there's speculation this morning about negotiations for a settlement in the long-running war in afghanistan. afghan television reports president hamid karzai told a youth group today that washington is involved in peace talks with the ta
Jun 25, 2011 4:00pm PDT
crybaby. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> thanks very much. >>> that's it for me. i'm wolf blitzer. join us week days in the situation right here on cnn. and every weekend on cnn international. >>> the news continues next on cnn. -- captions by vitac -- >>> right now, in the news, imagine being arrested in your own front yard. >> i don't understand what's going on. i did nothing. >> you can definitely hear the panic in that woman's voice. the woman videotaping a police stop in her own front yard, in front of her house, arrested herself. the video will infuriate you. but who went too far, her or police? also, husband and husband? wife and wife? legal in new york. >> ayes 33, nays 29. >> and an historic vote. hold on, there could be some serious legal issues. jeffrey toobin is in the house. >>> and you've got to see this intervi interview. >> i don't care if it's a minute after michael's death. >> well, two years after the death of his son, i talked to joe jackson about what people have been saying about him. we talk about his relationship with michael, and other issues
Jun 8, 2011 8:00am PDT
pointed right at him. >>> finally, trying to make it in a down economy. the cnn listening tour in florida. >> i'm like most folks, i feel it in the pocketbook. >> reporter: rising costs of everything from labor to fuel has him thinking there's a disconnect in d.c. >> i don't think they have a clue. they've never walked in the shoe of the common person, never been down here at the level, never wondered what they will eat tomorrow or where they're going to live or how they'll get their fuel tank filled up. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle -- 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! >> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds
Jun 12, 2011 3:00am PDT
. >> thank you so much. >>> good morning, everybody. welcome to this "cnn sunday morning" for june 12th. i'm t.j. holmes. glad you spent part of your weekend with us. as always, a special good morning to the servicemen and women watching us on the armed forces network right now. thank you for what you do. we'll look at how civilian preachers are making the switch from the pulpit to combat zones and becoming military chaplains. >>> also this morning, representative anthony weiner now says that he needs therapy but he also says he will not resign despite a number of high-profile democrats calling for him to do so. >>> also take a look at this. this is what they call, where is it, where is -- the vehicle is called grave digger. the guy you're seeing is our reynolds wolf, taking a ride in that big sucker. it's 6:00 a.m. in atlanta, georgia, 5:00 a.m. in little rock, georgia. >>> an interesting day after congressman anthony weiner is asking to take a temporary break from capitol hill but the power brokers in his own party want that break to be permanent. weiner admitted sending lewd pictures of
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,384 (some duplicates have been removed)